Meet Jay Fortenberry, industry leader and MSGSCM instructor

Jay Fortenberry is a cash to cash cycle expert, teacher, mentor and author. An internationally recognized supply chain leader, Jay has had a storied, decades-long career with companies such as Honeywell, Toyota and John Deere. He designed and operated global networks serving 164 countries and 86 distribution facilities, reduced inventory by hundreds of millions of dollars using cash conversion metrics and identified millions more in logistics cost savings. Jay’s portfolio encompasses global recruiting, human resource management, SIOP, logistics operations and sourcing, trade compliance and acquisition integration.

Cash to cash expert at The Fortenberry Group

Jay is the founder and cash to cash expert of The Fortenberry Group, a team of cross-functional experts who work closely to consult with public and private international companies. As one of the few experts in the world on the cash to cash cycle and cycle time, Jay helps companies take control of their cash — their most precious asset — to transform their financial future and their long-term viability. 

Instructor in MSGSCM at The School of Business

Jay is also an instructor for the Master of Global Supply Chain Management program and will be leading the Supply Chain and Value Chain in Asia Field Study to Japan and Vietnam with academic director, Daniel Wong. When Jay isn’t teaching at The School of Business or working at The Fortenberry Group, he is writing for one of the 22 blogs he provides content for. 

We are thrilled Jay will be contributing to the GBP blog starting this summer! Keep your eye out for his posts if you’re interested in learning about global supply chain through the perspective of a thought leader in this dynamic and growing field.

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