Student feature: Meet Anna Mar

I would urge anyone not to be afraid to take chances. Be bold and step out of your comfort zone. The last five years of school have been some of the most turbulent in my life, yet I am grateful for the challenges along the way.

2019 internship recap

A degree is a wonderful achievement, and adding professional experience puts students in an even better position to land their dream job upon graduation. I interviewed a few of our students with internships over the past year, all of them noted how their graduate coursework helped them thrive as interns. Check out the testimonials to catch up on what our students have been up to.

Alum feature: Meet Phil Patrick

Phil Patrick sees a bright future for current students in the tax field, especially those who are willing to work hard. “My advice would be to go ‘all in,’ especially with a grad school degree,” he says. “Don’t put school on the back burner. It is an important experience and should really be taken advantage of.

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