Alum feature: Meet Victor Cavalcante

“The first few weeks as an MBA student felt like being part of one of those survival reality tv shows,” Victor Cavalcante says, “You are being dropped off in the wild, trying to figure your new situation. You need to work, study, make sure not to neglect your relationships, and also get some rest.”

Faculty feature: Meet Brian McCarthy

I am most passionate about playing a positive role in helping our students get where they want to go. For most of our graduate students, the time they spend with us is transformational. They create important relationships, gain relevant knowledge and skills, earn a valuable credential and — above all — pursue their dreams and aspirations. It is an honor to be part of that process.

Alum feature: Meet Colin Jacobs

“There are personal biases inherent in all of us, as well as deep underlying personal motivations,” Colin Jacobs says. “The self-understanding I gained through this coursework was incredibly insightful.”

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