MIM students complete Nike men’s running apparel capstone

Months of late nights, team meetings at KMC and several hundred cups of coffee culminated in a concise yet effective 20 minute, four-slide presentation. The team shared their key findings and recommendations for Nike Men’s Running Apparel, then led a 40 minute discussion with 12 Nike executives of the Men’s Running division.

MBA students win Propeller’s Case Hack Day

The case involved providing business solutions for Rainbow Farms, a fictitious upscale grocer facing challenges in adapting to trends in the grocery industry. These trends include the rise of meal kit services, superior technology and personalized shopping experiences.

The toughest term of an MBA

I’ve been an MBA student for all of four weeks. Naturally, I feel qualified enough to share my experience about re-entering school. I think it’s important that with every step forward in the program, I take a moment to reflect on what I’m putting in and what I’m getting out. Read >

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