Life before and after the Karl Miller Center

 Karl Miller Center atrium

I remember my life before the Karl Miller Center. Waking up at 6:30 a.m. to claim a window seat in the library, awkwardly assuring passersby that I really did have a group coming and I wasn’t hogging an entire table with outlets just for myself. I remember having four classes in four different buildings, surrounded by flocks of scientists, artists or engineers as if I, with my finance calculator and Harvard Review case studies, was an out of place and unwanted house guest. I remember my shoes, all my beautiful shoes, worn down in the impossible commutes across campus between classes.

In all honesty, I like the Millar Library and mean no disrespect. But, there’s nothing like the home that the Karl Miller Center has become for me. Over the last term, I have had the pleasure of working in PSU’s new School of Business building most of the week. At any point in the day, I am able to walk up a few floors to discuss my burgeoning career with business school advisors. I can reserve a comfortable study room with ample outlets for group meetings. I can sit with my peers on the steps in the atrium to discuss our homework and issues most pertinent to the global economy. Okay, okay. Sometimes we just talk about which sushi burrito we want for lunch, or which Netflix show we binged.

With the new building, I’ve learned that I don’t care what type of desk I’m sitting at, as long as I have the opportunity to learn from experienced and caring professors. And maybe I’ve always been at home at PSU, no matter what building I’m in, since my family is my wonderful cohort, and wherever they are is home. Sharing the beautiful Karl Miller Center with my School of Business community has offered many conveniences, and I am thankful to have so many great resources under one LEED-certified roof.

And my shoes are thankful too…

Caitlin John is a MBA graduate with a certification in Global Supply Chain Management. She works as a Public Sector Sales Associate.

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