Alum feature: Meet Xuan Hoffman

Xuan Hoffman Professional Headshot

Building Financial Freedom

Xuan Hoffman wants to better the lives of those around her through finance. Though many see the finance world as one focused on hard numbers, Xuan sees the people behind each figure. She seeks to learn each client’s story, use her skills to change their lives and help them achieve their dreams.

To make her vision a reality, she wanted to build on her bachelor’s degree in finance, and she was drawn to the fast-paced energy of Portland State’s Master of Science in Finance. The program’s ranking as one of the best finance programs on the West Coast and the recent addition of the new Karl Miller Center solidified her decision. 

“The curriculum covers a wide range of finance-related career options, which helped prepare me for all future opportunities that come my way,” she says. 

Financial Security for All

In keeping with her desire to help others, Xuan tutored many MBA students in finance. In tutoring, she found an outlet to boost her own learning while supporting others. 

“I often learned a lot from answering my peers’ questions, and I made a lot of new friends,” she says. “It was very gratifying to help my classmates better understand concepts. It was also really humbling to see different people from different backgrounds all dedicating their time and energy to exploring finance concepts every Saturday morning.” 

Since graduating, Xuan has continued utilizing her passion to help others. While she doesn’t believe money can buy happiness, she is a firm believer that financial stability can free you from a cycle of struggle and stress, allowing you to focus on what makes you truly happy. 

“I am excited to have a career where I can help individuals and businesses make the best financial decision for them,” Xuan says. “Whether it’s providing the right loan, consulting with a business owner or advising an individual on their savings and investments, I want to give others the ability to spend their energy on the people and experiences that matter.” 

Seeing the Bigger Picture

This giving mindset has also translated into good business sense for Xuan. Putting the individual first has encouraged her to take a step back and view the bigger picture whenever possible. Xuan says the most valuable skill she gained from her time at PSU was the ability to approach a business problem both systematically and creatively. 

“The faculty have designed a curriculum that lets students take foundational knowledge and build on it with our own creativity to find unique solutions,” she says. 

Xuan applies the lessons from her degree program each day at her job as a portfolio monitoring analyst for U.S. Bank. The coursework and real-world experience she acquired at The School of Business equipped her with the skills needed to anticipate the needs of her clients and coworkers and connect her work to the overall health of the business.

Xuan says she hopes current students at The School of Business will not only take the time to help their peers but also ask for assistance themselves.

“Don’t be shy to ask for what you need,” she says. “The PSU community is always ready and willing to help you. I’ve learned something from everyone I’ve met during my time here.”

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