Student feature: Meet Shweta Kide

Program: MSF

Graduation Year: 2020

Program Schedule: Full-Time

Please briefly describe your career path and what led you to choose PSU’s School of Business.

I am a Chartered Accountant (CA) from ICAI in India. To demonstrate my expertise in financial subjects at an international level, I have acquired certifications like Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and Certification in Risk Management & Assurance (CRMA) from the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), U.S.  Additionally, I am currently preparing for the CPA certification from AICPA, U.S.

Over the last eight years of my professional journey, I have gained extensive experience in several fields like internal auditing, consulting, accounts and taxation. As an internal auditor, I have spearheaded many audit assignments and coached team members in business functions like finance, marketing, supply chain, human resources and law. I relished my time working in different sectors like telecommunications, media and entertainment, not for profits, technology and manufacturing. I thoroughly enjoyed working in dynamic work environments where there was always a challenge to research on my own and learn something new. I also got an incredible opportunity to travel across Europe and Asia Pacific and work with a set of amazing people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

As a next step in my career, I have decided to pursue a Master of Science in Finance degree with the intention to gain technical expertise in the field of finance and learn about emerging fields like big data analysis and blockchain. My interest in financial controls and risk management aligns perfectly with the MSF curriculum.

What do you intend to do with your degree?

An MSF degree is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to gain hands-on experience in emerging fields in finance. The experience that I have gained during my tenure as an auditor coupled with the added knowledge gained during the MSF program will help me pursue a career in fintech risk management.

What skills gained at PSU have you found most valuable and why?

I like the way the MSF program is designed to build my skillset through practical application of knowledge rather than just learning theory. Now, I am able to do critical thinking and thorough research on the subject matter. Also, my creative presentation skills and business communication have improved to a great extent thanks to the in-class presentations. Being a student ambassador for MSF also helped me sharpen my networking skills.

How do you spend your free time?

I strongly believe in contributing to society. One of the ways to act on it is by volunteering for the causes that are close to my heart. At PSU, I volunteer for the food market and have become part of the committee working on improving student food security. This provides an opportunity to meet and work with people who believe in the same cause.

I am also an avid reader. I spend a few hours every week reading about a variety of topics like cultural diversity, autobiographies, leadership, human psychology/behaviorism and science fiction.

Additionally, I enjoy cooking and constantly explore new recipes from different cuisines. Whenever weather permits, my friends and I sneak out for a trek to explore the beauty of nature.

What advice would you give to prospective graduate business students?

Reach out to people whose career trajectory interests you and seek their advice. Do not hesitate to try a few different things during the early stages of your career to evaluate your likes and interests. Also, focus on continuous learning—be it via informal modes or formal higher education—to explore opportunities in new and emerging fields.

What inspires you?

People who enjoy contributing selflessly to the betterment of the community and society inspire me. I am immensely inspired by my sister, Rasika, and brother-in-law, Shailesh, who strongly believe in the cause of education and work with a few different tribal communities in India. Every Sunday they organize various events and activities for the children in these communities promoting the importance of education.

The urge to constantly learn new things (beyond course material) also keeps me motivated. Murtuza Kachwala, my mentor/guide during my CA articleship in India exemplified it. Even though he is a veteran and an expert in areas of auditing, he is always keen on learning from his students.

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