7 BIPOC-owned local coffee shops to support now

It’s undeniable that we are living, working and learning in a critical time of change, and that’s affecting us all differently. Our local and national BIPOC communities are experiencing a disproportionate burden of the health and economic impacts of COVID-19. Along with the pandemic, our society is reckoning with hundreds of years of racism, state-sanctioned violence and oppression. 

Especially in times of urgent change, many of us are missing the rituals of meeting friends and colleagues or enjoying a few moments of quiet alone at our favorite coffee shop. Here are seven BIPOC-owned coffee shops to support now — order takeout, buy beans or pick up gift cards to use later. Soon we will be able to come together over hot cups of coffee to share ideas and take action to redefine business and transform lives.

Deadstock Coffee is home to the best mocha in town and is an iconic fixture in the local sneaker scene.

Revolución Coffee House is the first Mexican coffee house in Portland, and the delicious drink menu is just the start.

40lbs Coffee is centrally located downtown, immigrant-owned, and has some of the best impulse-buy cookies around.

Diaspora Coffee’s mission is to empower refugees and immigrants to start a new life in Portland, and the coffee and chai are crowd-pleasers too.

Behind the Museum Cafe specializes in Japanese tea and foods with homemade sweets, sandwiches and appetizers.

Bison Coffee House proudly serves Native-owned Tribal Grounds, certified fair trade and organic coffee.

Either/Or is one of the rare all-day cafes — coffee shop by day and bar by night — with an outstanding Chinese and American menu.

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