What we love about Portland

Portland is home to an innovative business community, outdoor recreation, a culture that celebrates sustainability and an iconic food and beverage scene. Even as we work and learn in remote and hybrid formats, the things we love most about Portland continue to influence the values, rigor and community of Portland State’s graduate business programs.

The Portland MBA draws on the city’s inventive professionals and entrepreneurs to offer an immersive graduate business education as unique as Portland. Here are some of the things current students and alumni love most about our dynamic city:

“The character and community of Portland hasn’t been diluted one bit, even through the years and with a growing population. As long as you have an open mind and an appreciation for craft beers — or anything crafty — you’ll be welcome across the city.” —Stephen Murphy ’20

“I love that there are many outdoor activity options nearby Portland. I can snowboard at Mount Hood, hike in the Columbia River Gorge and go windsurfing at Hood River all within an hour’s drive of campus.” —Nikki Chinprapinporn ’21

“I admire Portland’s ethos of sustainability because it reflects the city’s fundamental commitment to social and environmental progress for current and future Portlanders.” —Nathaniel Goldberg ’21

“The food scene in Portland is amazing. Not only are there a plethora of restaurants to choose from, but a strong food and beverage business community. During my program, I interned at Kroger Co., and was able to witness the company’s deep roots in the Portland community through operations within the Fred Meyer division. I also worked on a capstone consulting project with Ecliptic Brewing and learned the ins and outs of the tight-knit craft beer industry here in the Pacific Northwest.” —Dayu Aryanthi ’20

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