Day in the life of a part-time MBA Student

My name is Karen De La Torre, and I am a first-generation graduate. My parents are my heart and soul and have always encouraged me to pursue and create opportunities. I currently work at Daimler Truck North America at their Portland Truck Manufacturing Plant as a Production Supervisor but am currently working on a special project through the Lean Expert Qualification Program that Daimler offers. (timeline reflected below) I have a passion for manufacturing and a mission to encourage women to take over the manufacturing industry. The reason why I decided to pursue my MBA was because of COVID. The world was in an uncertain time, and it felt like it was the perfect time to invest my time and pursue my MBA. However, as I started the program, I realized that this MBA program at this time was the perfect choice for me. I had learned more about myself and pushed myself to become the person I wish I had been when I was growing up. But I also did this for my parents. I wanted to show them that their sacrifice has given my siblings and me the opportunity to live the life they wanted for us.

4:00 AMAlarm Clock goes off (Hits snooze)
4:09 AMHit Snooze again
4:20 AMGets out of bed
4:22 AMBrushes teeth, brushes hair and applies makeup
4:50 AMGets dressed, grabs a backpack and work laptop, and heads downstairs
4:52 AMPacks breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the day (sometimes makes coffee)
5:00 AMSays goodbye to Hudson the husky and out the door
5:30 AMArrive at the Portland Truck Manufacturing Plant employee parking lot
5:40 AMGets settled in and prepares for the first meeting of the day
6:00 AMProduction starts
6:20 AMThe project team meets me in the project room awaiting for the days daily task
6:40 AMThe team disassembles
6:50 AMChecks emails and any follow-ups
7:00 AMEats breakfast (usually oatmeal with fruit)
7:05 AMWork on data analysis and project preparation. (Lots of waterfall graphs and PowerPoints)
7:30 AMWalk the production line, greet the team and walk the pre-paint chassis production line and observe the progress of the Lean expert project
8:05 AM1st break of the day
8:15 AMProduction starts
8:16 AMContinue on data collecting, PowerPoint prep, discuss training topics with the trainer, and scope out new (and old) solutions.
10:30 AMMeeting with project leader for daily updates
10:45 AMLunchtime
11:15 AMProduction starts
11:20 AMWalk the production line again, gather feedback from ongoing trials in the area and work with cross-functional teams on solutions
1:05 PMBreak time
1:15 PMProduction starts
1:20 PMStarts to close out loose ends for the day and gathers topics for a recap meeting
2:00 PMRecap meeting- Project team assembly’s back together
2:30 PMEnd of production shift
2:35 PMSet up tasks for tomorrow. Meeting with project lead and trainer
3:30 PMGoes home (on a good day)
4:00 PMArrives home
4:10 PMMakes dinner and wine down
5:30 PMLook at the day’s homework assignments and readings to complete
7:30 PMShower
8:00 PMWind down before bed. Shuts off all electronics. Reads for 30 mins
8:30 PMLights out (on a good day)

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