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  • Globalized operations strategies in Vietnam

    As part of the Master of Global Supply Chain Management program, Daniel Wong and I lead the Supply Chain and Value Chain in Asia Field Study. This is a unique, on-the-ground opportunity to explore the challenges in globalized operations strategies. As we start our journey, we need to remember to consider our assumptions and consider when Western values do not apply. When working with global supply chains, social and environmental issues like child labor, unsafe working conditions and dumping of pollutants become core considerations.

  • Finding purpose through consulting: Interview with Rebecca Goldcrump

    Through the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Certificate, the MBA’s Pioneering Innovation class and various PSU Kickstart Weekends, I learned a ton about entrepreneurship — and was hooked!

  • Returning to Asia with Vikings Abroad: Arriving in Vietnam

    This will be my seventh trip to Vietnam. I constantly have to remind myself that Asia is ever-changing, but also constant in many ways. Even cities with thousands of years of history see cycles of change. I’m excited to share some of my expectations for arriving in Asia, Vietnam specifically.

  • Meet Jay Fortenberry, industry leader and MSGSCM instructor

    Jay Fortenberry is a cash to cash cycle expert, teacher, mentor and author. An internationally recognized supply chain leader, Jay has had a storied, decades-long career with companies such as Honeywell, Toyota and John Deere. He designed and operated global networks serving 164 countries and 86 distribution facilities.