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  • From MBA candidate to consultant: Interview with Rich Schwartz

    The skills and confidence I developed in launching and executing B Impact PSU, and then in refining and formalizing it post-graduation through my fellowship position, carry over into my consulting work. My involvement in the program greatly increased my professional networks and directly led to some of my consulting jobs.

  • The cash to cash cycle

    Actively managing the cash-to-cash cycle in the supply chain requires cutting across multiple functions and processes of a company. Just as in a relay race with passing the baton, flawless handoffs between functions determines if we win or lose this competition. Again, we often assume that having world class tools and processes will make us great, when in fact we’re actually failures at running the business efficiently. This comes from not truly understanding how the company operates from a People, Process and Tool perspective.

  • From MBA candidate to account strategist: Interview with Elena Heilig

    The MBA classes, instructed by some of the most knowledgeable and inspiring professors in the field, conveyed invaluable lessons. I learned a variety of skills and had the opportunity to gain experiences, some of which were pivotal for my career and personal development.

  • Globalized operations strategies in Vietnam

    As part of the Master of Global Supply Chain Management program, Daniel Wong and I lead the Supply Chain and Value Chain in Asia Field Study. This is a unique, on-the-ground opportunity to explore the challenges in globalized operations strategies. As we start our journey, we need to remember to consider our assumptions and consider when Western values do not apply. When working with global supply chains, social and environmental issues like child labor, unsafe working conditions and dumping of pollutants become core considerations.