Student feature: Meet Shweta Kide

An MSF degree is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to gain hands-on experience in emerging fields in finance. The experience that I have gained during my tenure as an auditor coupled with the added knowledge gained during the MSF program will help me pursue a career in fintech risk management.

Student feature: Meet Daniel Erickson

Bring your experience and story to the classroom. These experiences can help you understand the information better, and also add a perspective that your classmates will value in their learning. Part of the fun of college is learning from others who are not like you, and PSU has that diversity across its campus and programs.

Staff feature: Meet Allen Thayer

In the 2020s, business is just how things get done, regardless of the sector, and we’re training the next generation of leaders to navigate this sometimes opaque environment while considering social, cultural and environmental challenges and opportunities.

Making it work from wherever you work

Through the challenges and uncertainty, it’s a pleasure sharing my transition to remote work with PSU’s passionate, dedicated and caring community. Crises can bring people closer, even when we’re six feet apart. While the way we work may feel different, it carries forward with the same steadfast commitment to student success.

“You want me to do what?” 3 non-business books to read over the break

Now that you’ve finished the term, you’re probably hoping to read some books to unwi— Wait! Hear us out. Did you know there are books out there that have nothing to do with business? It’s true! Here are 3 books that aren’t in the business sections of bookstores, but still offer useful insights for businesspeople. So settle in, grab your favorite beverage, and keep reading.

“Did I mention I was on sabbatical last year?”: A quick take on sabbaticals in the Portland State University School of Business

If you’re a stakeholder in this community, it might interest you to know how these sabbaticals benefit The School of Business. I asked that question in my survey and learned the following: half of the respondents expect a publishable paper in a peer-reviewed journal (our gold standard) from the experience. A third anticipate a paper in a publication not under peer review, such as a book, book chapter or conference paper. Most respondents (83%) feel their sabbatical learning will translate directly to new lectures, course material or teaching and learning benefits.

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