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  • Student ambassador spotlight: Rachel Mattenberger

    My experience with The Portland MBA has provided me with a unique perspective around sustainability in business. A strong sustainability orientation is embedded into the core curriculum of the program in a way that is unparalleled in other MBA programs.

  • Career management services: make the most of your student experience

    Business Brainstorming

    There are a plethora of career management services available at PSU’s School of Business. The options range from co-creating comprehensive career action plans, to securing a mentor who has knowledge in your field of interest. Don’t know where to start? I’ve included a list of resources to help you make the most of your student experience:

  • Meet Rachel Shelton, Lead Ambassador and MBA candidate

    Rachel Shelton headshot

    I have always been interested in human development, and consequently career development. My role as lead ambassador allows me to have conversations with individuals who are at a pivot point in their development, whether they are looking to be promoted within their own companies or change careers.

  • Technology, finance and innovation in Portland

    Women in technology

    Listening to speakers at various conferences around the area talk about how previously marginalized groups are now finding new success in unconventional areas within tech inspires me to want to do more with my own career while building others. Ideas often start from conversations, and unlocking shifting industry trends to create new opportunities is changing the world for the better.