Faculty research: Meet Jacob Suher

I am passionate about taking the consumer’s perspective to develop marketing strategy. Listening to the consumer has led to exciting insights like when to use experiential signage in retail and how to communicate environmental sustainability innovations.

“Did I mention I was on sabbatical last year?”: A quick take on sabbaticals in the Portland State University School of Business

If you’re a stakeholder in this community, it might interest you to know how these sabbaticals benefit The School of Business. I asked that question in my survey and learned the following: half of the respondents expect a publishable paper in a peer-reviewed journal (our gold standard) from the experience. A third anticipate a paper in a publication not under peer review, such as a book, book chapter or conference paper. Most respondents (83%) feel their sabbatical learning will translate directly to new lectures, course material or teaching and learning benefits.

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