Student ambassador spotlight: Paulius Jurevicius

 Paulius Jurevicius

Program Name: MBA
Year of Graduation: 2020
Program Schedule: Part Time

What is your background?

I was born in Lithuania and lived there until I was nine. Then I lived in San Jose until July of 2018 when I moved to Portland to go to Portland State University. I currently work in the supply chain field and am in the part-time MBA.

Is there a specific industry within supply chain that interests you?

Currently I work in manufacturing, but I have also worked in retail. For me, there isn’t a preference in a specific field as I am early on in my career. I am trying to be a sponge, absorb as much information as I can now and decide a few years down the line. Supply chain, although different from one industry to the next, has the same principle: getting products from point A to point B in the fastest and most cost-efficient way. The principles can be applied in any field of work, so I am lucky to have the option to switch industries while throughout the first years of my career.

Why The Portland MBA?

I have had a fantastic experience here thus far, and the application and recruitment process is what initially caught my eye. The admissions advisor was fantastic in communicating with me about everything and made the process seamless. As someone who was living outside the state of Oregon, I can say that PSU was very accommodating when it came to getting me the information I needed. Additionally, Tichelle Sorensen was fantastic when I flew into Portland a few months prior to moving. She set up meetings so I could speak to a few of the student ambassadors and let me sit in on a class to understand the full student experience. The staff support is hands down one of the best things about the The Portland MBA, prior to being accepted as well as after becoming enrolled. The opportunities to travel abroad were a key factor for me as well.

How has your experience at Portland State University been?

So far, it’s been great! The graduate program is lot’s of work but very rewarding. PSU teaches you to grow as a professional in the business world as well as in life. I couldn’t have picked a better program.

What inspires you?

Apart from my family and friends, I am constantly inspired by the cohort that I work with on a weekly basis. Everyone’s background is fascinating, and the diversity of things that everyone works on while also pursuing their MBA always amazes me. We have people in our cohort who are planning weddings, participating in school groups, and raising their kids in addition to working part time or full time and doing the MBA. This inspires me to do bigger and better things in my career, at home and in school.

What are your future goals?

I want to become a director of supply chain while making an impact on the company and the community. Portland does a fantastic job of integrating the busy city life while being environmentally friendly, and I want to become a part of that!

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