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Portland State’s Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management (MSGSCM) focuses on preparing students for the corporate supply chain world by developing marketable skills, including the ability to lead supply chain management frameworks, use advanced analytical tools and new technologies and optimize commercial networks into highly-efficient global supply chains. The disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic have made clear the importance of efficient global supply chains for international commerce. Academic Director Daniel Wong explains the pandemic pressures in his article about rerouting supply chains around the world.

PSU’s MSGSCM program ranks among the top online programs in the nation, offering a comprehensive program that equips students for leadership roles with organizations of every size, from the world’s biggest corporations to medium-sized and small firms. One of the key factors of our exemplary program is the adjunct faculty and the impressive industry experience they bring to their classrooms.

James Latham

James Latham teaches Sustainable Innovation and New Product Introduction courses for the MSGSCM and Managerial Analytics for The Portland MBA. Having been a CMO in both very large $1B+ companies and smaller firms like ESI and ACD, Latham has seen first-hand how small changes in supply chain can enhance the overall profitability and the environmental sustainability of products:

“The impact of climate change on supply chain processes and innovation opportunities will be an important driver to rethinking the way we design products and their supply chains,” says Latham. “I’m highly motivated to pass on my knowledge and the expertise gained through my 30+ years of work experience.”

Quinn O’Rourke

Quinn O’Rourke worked in logistics within the packaging and paper industry from 1998–2001, then as a freight forwarder from 2001–2005. He became a logistics and trade compliance manager for a large trading company from 2005–2009. He worked for Daniel Wong and closed a customs audit with him during this time period. “Daniel and I reconnected in 2019, and I expressed interest in teaching. I feel that I can pass these experiences on to students in the MSGSCM program so that they have enough exposure to prepare them for situations they will encounter when entering the world of supply chain,” says O’Rourke. “I feel very comfortable focusing on the practical milestones, exceptions, physical documentation, parties of interest, etc. involved in the importation of product into the USA as well as distribution and outbound transportation to the end customer.”

“Covid has created unprecedented constraints and exception management is at an even greater emphasis,” says O’Rourke. “Preparing students with the knowledge of the process flow, important milestones and the available tools is imperative in today’s environment.”

Adam Gittler

Adam Gittler comes to teaching with 25 years of experience in operational excellence and global supply chains. He is the founder of Lafayette Consulting, which serves as a supply chain consultation service in the apparel industry, medical device manufacturing, forest products, food and beverage packaging, aerospace and consumer products. “Increased frequency of supply chain disruptions means that supply chains need to be more resilient than ever,” says Gittler. “Ensuring the use of AI, IoT and Blockchain is optimal.”

All three faculty members are able to bring several decades of specialized experience into their curriculum and classroom discussions to prepare students for the fast-paced supply chain industry, including adapting to the pandemic and post-pandemic realities.

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