2021 MRED scholarships recipients

The recipients of the 2021 Portland State University Master of Real Estate Development scholarships have been announced. These five students were awarded scholarships based on their merit, work ethic and contribution to the PSU community. Each student comes from a unique professional background and represents the future of the industry. The recipients discuss their views on how they aim to redefine real estate. 

Antwon Ali is the recipient of the Toribara/SMILE Scholarship, TigerStop Scholarship, NAIOP Oregon Real Estate Scholarship and Real Estate Alumni Scholarship. “My vision is one of unity, one where we go beyond ‘live, work, play’ and push toward equitable, sustainable and health-conscious environments where all have the opportunity to flourish and feel empowered by the thoughtfulness of their surroundings,” says Ali. “The values I hold dear are integrity, curiosity and persistence, all of which hinge on the ultimate value of love. Love has been my unlimited energy source that has sustained my passion and enthusiasm as I continue to evolve into the developer who will materialize this vision.”

Isabella Day is the recipient of the SIOR Scholarship and Real Estate Alumni Scholarship. “I hope future real estate developers focus on more ethical and sustainable projects that benefit society and the urban landscape,” says Day. “Currently, I am focused on gaining as much experience and education as I can in the real estate industry and related industries. I have a background in architecture and sustainability and hope to add developing skills in real estate and finance, attained from the MRED program, in order to positively impact the built environment.”

Annie Carlton is the recipient of the Liam and Felicia Thornton Scholarship, Dermody Properties Real Estate Scholarship and Norris & Stevens Endowed Real Estate Scholarship. “Real estate development is heading toward a future of necessary adaptability,” says Carlton. “The nature of development is ever changing and therefore requires industry professionals to read subtle adjustments in human behavior. Following this global adaptation, the market demands that Real Estate Development be as observant as ever, potentially anticipating needs and uses we have never seen before. Overall, this sensitivity to the market has the potential to create incredibly intentional and useful development.”

Karisa Caracol is the recipient of the CREW Portland Scholarship and Real Estate Alumni Scholarship. “I hope the future of real estate development includes lean, design-build construction that eliminates unnecessary change orders and waste, resulting in more efficient and affordable construction,” says Caracol. “We as developers are serving the community, and we impact lives for generations with the buildings we develop. I want to improve my community by providing jobs, affordable housing, and community spaces so families can enjoy, make happy memories and live well. My goal is to develop affordable housing in Hawaii prioritizing single-parent households.”

Sandra Rollinson is the recipient of the Alan Spanjer Real Estate Scholarship. “The most important values for me within real estate development would be operating in the industry with honesty and integrity,” says Rollinson.

You can support the continued success of outstanding MRED candidates like Antwon, Annie, Karisa, Isabella and Sandra by contributing to the PSU Center for Real Estate.

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